AmSpec CR Cox can provide a range of independent sampling, inspection and testing services for a range of bulk commodities to ISO or required standards.

Sampling and product verification is strategically important for quality analysis for settlement of commercial contracts, government restrictions, ecological monitoring, environmental contamination, product specification, grade control.

Shippers often fall short by not understanding the importance of ISO compliance and further fail to provide adequate provisions for sampling & inspection.

AmSpec CR Cox has the required experience and expertise for requirements in government, environmental, load port & disport services via traditional and mechanical sampling, auditing and inspection on a wide range of bulk commodities & ministerial conditions to offer the highest degree of integrity, ethical, accurate and impartial results. Our teams have extensive experience in manual, automated, spear/auger or mechanical sampling in ports throughout Australia on a range of products.

Our sample preparation facilities in Fremantle and networked affiliation with independent laboratories throughout Australia and globally will provide prompt and reliable turn around times for your commercial needs. 

AmSpec CR Cox can provide product sampling in any location throughout Australia.