When a vessel or its crew comes to Australia for the first time or the vessel might be loading a cargo for the first time. It could happen that the vessel or its crew are unfamiliar with the loading of a certain cargo or trim/stability calculations for a certain cargo. Port operations and other aspects might be new to them. In some cases the shipper or receiver wishes to have a representative on-board to facilitate loading / discharging and liaise with key stakeholders.  

AmSpec CR Cox fully understands your problems with regards to shipping and loading/discharging of certain cargoes. We can tailor our services to your requirements and with STATE OF THE ART computer software, we can help charterers, shippers, receivers, vessels and their Owners or Master make their loading or discharging more productive and economical.

AmSpec CR Cox can help your vessels and their Masters in loading and discharging in Australian ports, loading facilities, transshipment vessels and barge transfers to ensure safe & smooth port stay and passage thereafter.

  • Supervision of loading and discharging
  • Stowage planning & ballasting plans
  • Liaise with and supervision of Stevedores
  • Vessel’s Stability and Voyage planning
  • Bunkering
  • Lashing surveys and cargo securing
  • streamline cargo crane & operation
  • Liaison with receivers, owners, shippers, agents and regulatory bodies
  • Scheduled reporting to client on vessel's performance & port operations

Our surveyors will visit the vessel on arrival and within minutes come up with loading schedules that will minimize vessel's stay in port and ensure maximum lift. Please email us  if you need any survey help on matter discussed above.