Oil & Gas provides daily energy needs to more than 60 percent of world’s population. Petrochemicals are transported across the globe and involve a number of stakeholders like oil producers, exporters, importers, traders, banks, insurance companies, government bodies and international organisations. Various parties regularly require verification of conformity from an independent third party. 

After servicing the Maritime Industry since 1950, CR Cox joined the AmSpec Group in mid 2017. AmSpec is an International Inspection and Testing Company that has been servicing the Petroleum, Chemical and Gas industries for over 30 years. Recently they have expanded their range of services to include Agriculture and Metals & Minerals.  Joining the fastest growing inspection company in the world has further enhanced our capabilities and range of services in the area of Oil, Gas & Chemicals.

AmSpec CR Cox is proud to provide professional and reliable cargo inspection services to its clients, boasting an extensive staff of highly trained and motivated inspectors. With offices throughout Australia and Amspec’s network around the world, AmSpec CR Cox can provide cargo inspection services almost anywhere in Australia with the same quality and reliability our customers have come to expect from us.

Our Services

  • Supervision of loading and unloading

  • Tanker Quality & Quantity Surveys

  • Shore Representation for Quantity Surveys and Oil & Gas Accounting

  • End of month inventory / Tank farm operations

  • Laboratory analysis of hydrocarbon and petroleum cargoes at our affiliated laboratories

  • Supervision or lightering and other ship to ship transfers

  • Visual Inspection of ship tanks, pipelines for cleanliness

  • Loss, damage and Contamination Survey

  • Bunker & Bunkering surveys

  • On hire & off hire surveys


All of these services are carried out by our highly trained, IFIA approved, field inspection staff. Our independent inspection services will help enhance your business by reducing risk and ensuring the integrity and quality of the product according to the specifications of the customer.