Dry Bulk Cargo

Australia is extremely rich in minerals. Among its bulk exports are iron ore, salt, fertilizer, mineral and silica sands, zircon, copper, alumina, heavy metal concentrates, talc, sugar, grain etc.

The quantity of bulk cargo on a vessel prior to discharge or after completion of loading is usually ascertained by performing a draft survey and intermediate draft survey checks. The draft marks of a vessel are observed, fuel, sea water densities, fresh water & ballast quantities recorded. Followed by conducting certain calculations against the ship's hydrostatic data & particulars. The result is an accurate assertion of the amount of cargo present on a vessel at a given time. This process is commonly known to be of greater accuracy and more consistently reliable than weightometers or shore scales. 


AmSpec CR Cox are actively conducting a wide range of services throughout various ports & loading facilities within Australia for a range of bulk commodities.

AmSpec CR Cox are also experts in grain loading and assisting Owners and Masters with grain stability calculations. Our consultants and surveyors are specialized in carrying out the following services in regards to dry cargo.





  • Draft surveys.

  • Empty hold fitness surveys to load a certain cargo.

  • ON-HIRE surveys for a vessel going on-hire.

  • OFF-HIRE surveys for a vessel coming off charter.

  • Trim and stability calculations for bulk cargoes.

  • Assisting vessels Masters with planning and loading of various bulk cargoes.

  • Superintending.

  • Contamination assessments.

  • Pre-loading and post loading reports.