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Western Australia is rich in minerals. Among its bulk exports are iron ore, salt, mineral and silica sands, zircon, talc etc.

Other bulk cargo for export is grain (wheat, barley, lupins rapeseed etc).

The chief bulk import is fertilizer, which is due to WA's extensive agricultural industry.

The quantity of bulk cargo on a vessel prior to discharge or after completion of loading is usually ascertained by performing a draft survey. The draft marks of a vessel are observed and certain calculations are carried out against the ship's hydrostatic data. As a result an accurate ascertion of the amount of cargo present on a vessel at a given time is obtained.

Western Australia exports GRAIN from Esperance, Albany, Kwinana and Geraldton, MINERAL SANDS, SILICA SANDS and ZIRCON from Bunbury and Geraldton, ALUMINA from Kwinana and Bunbury, SALT from Shark Bay and Dampier and IRON ORE from Dampier and Port Hedland. C.R. COX Marine Surveyors and Consultants are actively involved with the loading of most of the abovementioned cargoes, performing independant draft surveys and reporting without prejudice. At ALOCA Kwinana and Bunbury, we are actively involved in assisting Masters of vessels in the drafting of a load plan and loading of ALUMINA cargo. C.R. COX Marine Surveyors and Consultants also perform pre-discharge surveys for FERTILIZER and SULPHUR cargoes. C.R. COX Marine Surveyors and Consultants are also experts in GRAIN loading and assisting Owners and Masters with grain stability calculations.

C.R. COX Cargo and Marine consultants and surveyors are specialised in carrying out the following surveys in regards to dry cargo.

  • Draft Surveys.
  • Empty Hold Fitness Surveys to Load a Certain Cargo.
  • ON-HIRE surveys for a vessel going on-hire.
  • OFF-HIRE surveys for a vessel coming off charter.
  • Trim and stability calculations for bulk cargoes and assisting Masters with planning and loading of various bulk cargoes.


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